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Steel Target Tuesdays

Come on out on Tuesdays for Steel Target Shooting

If you are tried of shooting paper, wanting to try something new, then the steel challenge is for you. The challenge is a fun intro to competitive shooting with a prize that anyone can win.

Starting the month of September MVSG will host a fun steel challenge every Tuesday from 5pm until 7pm


How to win.

 You must shoot three of the four Tuesdays with a 22LR, 9MM, 40CAL or 45 ACP hand gun. You may shoot a Pistol Caliber Carbine, whoever it will not count  for the prize awards. You may shoot from a holster or from the low ready. Hits and time will determine you score for the stage.


What will you win!


Fifty percent of the entry fee will be divided into three equal pots.

The over all best shooter will be awarded 1/3 of the pot. The person in the middle  ( in the event of an unequal number of shooters it will be rounded up.) will be awarded 1/3 of the pot. And a random drawing will be awarded 1/3 of the pot.

By awarding the prizes in this manner gives everyone a chance to win.  





Cost:   $40 entry fee covers all 4 weeks of shooting and may be purchased on line at www.miamivalleyshootinggrounds,com, click on the steel  shooting banner


            4 Static Steel Stages

            Plus 2 Runs of the Plate Rack



Where: 7771 Johnson Station Road

              Vandalia, OH 45377








5pm - 7pm

 $10.00 per match


Great introduction into competition shooting as well a great break from paper targets


Must attend 3 matches per month to be eligible to receive prize money


 1/3 goes to the best score

1/3 goes to the middle score

1/3 goes to a random drawing

Everyone has a chance to win 



(must be 18 yrs. to rent handgun, rifle or shotgun)


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