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Miami Valley Shooting Grounds Training Classes

Miami Valley Shooting Grounds serves the public by offering an indoor shooting range at an affordable price. We also offer different types of firearms and safety training classes for the general public.

Concealed Handgun Course (CCW):

Certification class for the State of Ohio Handgun Permit (8hr). Cost is $50 (Classes held every Saturday).

Advance Concealed Handgun Course (CCW):

Learn the fundamentals of defensive shooting. If you are serious about having the skills to protect yourself, this class is for you! Cost is $125 (Class Dates TBD).

Private Security Firearms Training Classes (OPOTC Training):

Ohio Peace Officers Training Counsel certification class (20 hrs) will provide you with ALL 
the requirements to carry a firearm for a Private Security Company in OHIO.

Certified Homeland Security Training Facility - Only $170!

Note: fingerprinting is no longer required!

Private Security Annual Re-qualification:

This class will provide you with the re-qualification you need for your 
Private Security Firearm. - $80 (This is usually done on every second Saturday of the month).

Beginners Shooter's Training Class:

First Time Shooter Class, 2-hour course, Only $25 per shooter, includes all you need! Offered the First and Third  Saturday of the month at 10 am. Please call in advance to reserve a spot.  Private classes available for a small group  (one - three) for $60.00 per class by appointment only.

For more information, or to sign up for a class, please call 937-898-3711